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Entry #3

What should i do?

2009-06-25 16:51:39 by tomtastic

I dont want to submit this to the art portal yet, but im wondering what my next actions should be... do i go over in pen so i can add colour? or do i leave it as it is? or is there something else?

Any suggestions welcome

What should i do?


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2009-06-25 17:12:21

I would either keep it the same, or go over it with a thin, dark, marker or pen. Then it would appear more visible.

tomtastic responds:

It would indeed, ive got some art pens so they should do the job :P


2009-06-25 17:26:38

I like how you do the eyes.
I would usually start off with something sketchy, then go over it
with a black biro. Makes it's own effect I reckon.

tomtastic responds:

Cool Thanks :) yeah will probably go over it in pen :)


2009-07-04 12:33:55

Piss on it and hope it'll improve the proportions and make it somewhat original

tomtastic responds:

awwh, well thats nice to know... I think i will pass though