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What should i do?

2009-06-25 16:51:39 by tomtastic

I dont want to submit this to the art portal yet, but im wondering what my next actions should be... do i go over in pen so i can add colour? or do i leave it as it is? or is there something else?

Any suggestions welcome

What should i do?

Attempting more art

2009-06-22 17:33:29 by tomtastic

So my last piece was... okay i would say i have some improvements to make and well now its time to make them! To the art book!

*picture will be loaded once completed

Erm... Hows this look?

2009-06-19 14:45:12 by tomtastic

Okay so i drew this and was wondering what people think? i'm not much of a drawrer and want to go into it further so i thought if i post it here some people may tell me where to improve on because well half you peeps on here are AMAZING! But well was just wondering :)

*Oh and with the colour i did it on the computer and i know theres some grey but can we not go into that?

Also i just have submitted it to the art portal so you can view and vote on my profile until it is up on there :)


Erm... Hows this look?